Unsolicited Testimonials We've Received From Our Members Recently

“Great place to swim ... be there! (Rudy H, Creator of


"I liked the breakdown of the swimming movement, and having enough time to perfect each one, enough then when it was time to add a new movement in, I was comfortable with the previous movements. In 6 weeks, this program took me from novice swimmer with no knowledge of technique to being able to swim confidentally and comfortably in the fast swim lane. Just incredible.
~ Lucie

" I've been wanting to be a more confident swimmer for years, and assumed it was like running where it eventually get easier. Well, with swimming, I felt I was working harder and not getting any real results for my efforts. With the level 1 clinic, I finally actually felt myself moving through the water, rather than slugging through it. You know that feeling when u hit the end of the pool without being breathless....Well, I finally do. Honestly, this is THE smartest thing I have ever done for my swimming/comfort in the water. Thanks Tom! ~ Darcy, Fall clinic attendee"

Sometimes, we get a new swimmer who is very committed, runs 8K to practice each way, listens to what we say, and executes. Reuben is one of those people who is a pleasure to coach (even when we work on his flip turns and alternate breathing...and backstroke to work on his shoulder extension). Fast forward to our one-year assessment and read his accomplishments.</b></i>

It will soon be 1 year that I have been with Swim Ottawa. Before I started with Swim Ottawa - my fastest 100 m was 1:28, fastest 1000m was 18:15 and I couldn't do a 100 IM. Now - my fastest 100m is 1:09 (long course at OTC event in March), I just did 1000 m in 16:24. and I can do a 100 IM around 1:45. I have come a long way in just 1 year thanks to the great coaches and fellow swimmers at Swim Ottawa! I am looking forward to swimming outdoors again this summer and continuing to improve my skills! (Maybe someday I'll be able to keep up to Fraser - anything is possible right?). I owe a big thanks to you and all the coaches at Swim Ottawa. Thanks!!! ~ Reuben [ To swim better it takes one part commitment, one part the right coaching, and the rest to embrace the challenge. Great work Reuben!]

"Swam today, and I've dropped 18 seconds off best my 250m time since my best time before we started lessons. Super happy with that!!! I'll give you full credit for those 18 seconds. Thanks!!"
~ Jason A (private lessons)

"The approach of the instructor, the respect he affords the participants which, in turn, is conveyed mutually among the participants. The accommodation he incorporates for individuals with physical limitations. The breakdown of the content into specific areas of technique; the videotaping of individuals, which is a huge benefit in understanding individual technique and areas for improvement; the use of videos to explain visually what the instructor is describing and demonstrating. The use of the various learning modes, i.e., audio; visual; theory and practical application; reinforcement of theory and practice.
 The pace of the course which is reasonable, manageable and doable.  The cost is reasonable for the quality of instruction and significant experience of the instructor." (Francine, FR Clinic Level 1)

"I felt the program is excellent with very professional instructor, Tom Anzai.  I was able to learn and practice during the lessons and great homework assignments.   Tom built confidence in each of the students and I hope to continue with the Level 2 and someday do a Tri with the knowledge that I can apply from the Clinic." (David, FR Clinic Level 1)

"The different swim drills to reinforce the points in each (5 break down) phases of the FR Crawl.  The fact that instructor has a long background and involvement in swimming. Money well spent" (Gaetano, FR Clinic Level 1)

" I just want to say big thanks! I raced on Saturday (Early Bird triathlon, sprint distance) my 500m swim was the best time ever (and I was stock behind 3 swimmers for the last 200m, unable to pass them:( I am still slow, but Thank to you and SO team (Farida, noon Masters)"

"Excellent teaching and demonstration.I also thought that the class size was just right for a lead coach working with an accomplished instructor. It allowed sufficient, but not too much, individual focus and gave each person room to practice a little. I felt that there was enough attention given to each person that it would have been caught if we were really screwing something up!... Finally, I think the price was an incredible bargain! " (Gilles, Front Crawl Clinic Attendee)

"(What I liked best was) The systematic approach to improving technique. It was very helpful to learn about all of the elements of the front crawl stroke in this way (ie systematically adressing kick,rotation,breathing,catch, pull & recovery). The clinic was very helpful in allowing me to determine what I need to do to improve my swimming." (Brian, Front Crawl Clinic Attendee)

"I want to thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my ever-so-grateful physical body for the wonderful opportunity to be part of such a fun Masters Swim Club. I have learned alot since I joined at the beginning of the summer. I have had to face down some pretty limiting beliefs (and associated stories) about what I am and am not able to accomplish. I have learned that I can: do long distance swims (3K and 5K), be a valuable participant in a swim meet, learn the butterfly, improve my breathing endurance and fine tune my strokes (thanks Miranda)." (Carolina, Tue am Masters)

"@SwOttMasters - thanks Tom. That was really useful. Lots to think about. Point toes point!" (Joe, Sunday CU) response to SwOttMasters Swim Ottawa Masters
Video taping our Masters group now. Pictures (moving) is worth a 1000 words!

"Thanks for all your help. As an aspiring triathelete I dreaded my time in the pool and was having troubles believing I could reach my long term goals of participating in a full ironman. I can run marathons but unable to swim more than few hundred meters without having to take a break. By practicing the principles and techinques you've shown me I've been able to become comfortable in the water and swim with confidence. Balance! I am happy to report I've just completed my first 2k swim last night. I realize I have a lifetime of improvements to make but you've help put me in the right direction.
I look foward to joining your masters class one day." (Urban, Front Crawl Clinic participant).

"Although i didnt make it to as many practices as i would have liked to,...i really enjoy the swim sessions and your coaching. After learning to swim as an adult and 20 or so years of masters swimming, I had sort of given up on making any improvement to my strokes, but training with you guys really made a difference. i find i think a lot more about what i am doing and what i should be doing whilst swimming!! thanks again & hope to see you in the fall!" (Linda, noon Masters)

"Thanks again Tom — the video really helped — especially the shot from above where you could see how I was fishtailing because of the uneven stroke.  I rejigged everything, including working on breathing on the other side this week.  Today I banged out 100s that were 6 or 7 seconds better than the fastest I’ve ever gone in speed sets.  (They weren’t sustainable at a longer distance — I was maxed out because my breathing pattern needs to be rebuilt — but it was a terrific feeling!)" Cheers, Craig.

“I just wanted to thank you, Marie and Trevor for putting on a great triple session clinic. I was quite surprised by the video of my stroke today. I've always known that my right arm does something "funky" when I swim but I had no real idea what it was until today. Now the challenge will be fixing it after so many years of this quirk being so deeply ingrained! Thank you for showing me what I've been doing wrong for so long! (Deb O, Dec Swim Clinic Attendee)

"I've been very happy with the start of swimming this year. I made some adjustments after the clinic and think its made a significant difference. I seem to be able to swim longer, faster and more relaxed." (John J, Stroke Clinic Attendee)

"I just did my iron triathlon in Montreal on Saturday.  Swimming in the rowing basin was super fun (felt like a really big long pool) and my swim time was faster than my previous iron distance, thanks to your awesome practices!" (Matthew L, Summer & Fall Masters)

By the way, i loved the video analysis.  Really lets you see what to work on.  I am enjoying the practices so much and really feel the improvement.  Many thanks to you and Marie. (Carrie M, Noon Masters)

Just wanted to say a big 'thanks' to you, Marie, and Trevor for running such a great program. I'm sure it's a lot of work and I just want you to be aware of how much people appreciate it. Looking forward to a great Fall session. ” (Dawn M.)

I did the Sprint Tri on the weekend in Mooney's was only a 500m swim but unlike past years where I dreaded the swim and ended up doing breast stroke till I stopped hyperventilating, I actually *enjoyed* the swim part. I even passed a few people...feeling great and with tons of energy to finish the race. Thanks to the coaching I've got I'm much more confident and relaxed when I swim - I'm no longer just  trying to 'get through' the swim. so thank you for that.” (Dawn M.)

I had a great workout today (meaning I've been dying for a nap all day). I'm exhausted, but am taking your guilt trips VERY seriously! I won't be there in the morning, but plan to get there for the evening skills and drills :) You just wait, I'm going to try and win "most improved swimmer" by the end of the summer. Thanks to you and "The Kid" for making me work hard :)”  (Kate R.)

“This time I averaged about 3:09.  That's a pretty good (in my mind) improvement.... could be I was just not feeling up to snuff the first time?? or could be I'm just that much stronger now that it is later in the season but I have to say I felt good leaving the pool with that in my head last thursday!...all this to say that my swim and my bike are what are making me place top 3 in my category in every race this year.”  (SW)

“Great session! Really enjoy swimming with you folks.” (Craig B., noon Masters)

“First off let me tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying the lessons. I feel the feedback on my kick as well as my arm position has been beneficial. I’m excited to get into the pool Monday night to work on everything I’ve learned so far.” (Jackie J., pre-Masters stroke improvement)

I am having a great time with the swimming.  I am dreading the end of the summer as that means the end of the outdoor pool...I have noticed an improvement in my stroke and in my comfort and times, this is a wonderful experience. Thanks to you and to Trevor for all of your feedback, it has been extremely helpful, keep it coming!” (Shelley N.) 

  I am still on holidays, but I wanted to tell you that last weekend there was a "long distance" swim held here - a 1000m swim in the Ottawa River.Guess who won it?  Gold medal, baby!  I think that every other time I swam it (years and years) it always seemed far, but now I just thought to myself "this is the warm up!” (Stephanie B.)

I did the Sprint Tri on the weekend in Mooney's was only a 500m swim but unlike past years where I dreaded the swim and ended up doing breast stroke till I stopped hyperventilating, I actually *enjoyed* the swim part. I even passed a few people...feeling great and with tons of energy to finish the race. Thanks to the coaching I've got I'm much more confident and relaxed when I swim - I'm no longer just  trying to 'get through' the swim. so thank you for that.” (Dawn M.)

I was thinking of you a lot during the (Lake Placid Iron Man) swim, focusing on a relaxed hand, bent elbow, and pushing through on my stroke completion. Thanks for your help and encouragement.” (Gerry T.)

“CU poolside!”
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